A Syrian Love Story »

Amer and Raghda met in a prison in Syria 20 years ago. They fell in love, decease got married and, buy once they got out, ambulance had children. Raghda, a revolutionary and a political activist, is finding it hard to settle for a quiet family life. Sean McAllister’s films show the toll the Syrian war […]

Martha & Niki »

Two pairs of dancers prepare to battle each other. DJ puts the record on and the music blasts forth. The beat quickly takes over and the movements flow through the dancers. The crowd goes wild and voice their appreciation for the best moves. Juste Debout is the biggest street dance competition in the world. In […]

Red Cabaret »

Cabaret has always been place for courageous and passionate people. Passion on stage will take audience along. Some will get turned on, viagra sale some will despise. Cabaret in Soviet times was against all rules. But it happened. And cabaret was hugely successful. Today only legends have remained. In documentary film “Red Cabaret” one time […]

Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel García Márquez »

Nobel-winning novelist Gabriel “Gabo” García Márquezenchanted millions of readers with his magic realism.Justin Webster’s new document Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel García Márquez recounts the amazing story of Márquez all the way from the poor and violent jungle villages to the top of the literary and political world. Márquez changed his readers’ understanding of the […]

The Wolfpack »

Imagine living at the Lower East Side of New York, for sale in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan where people and crowds are unavoidable – unless you live closed into your apartment and never ever step outside. That is life for the Angulo brothers, tadalafil the stars of this modern Tarzan […]

Becoming Zlatan »

In one moment, story he is an unpredictable and self-centered bully who hits his opponent in the back of the head with his elbow. In another, buy he is a football master who has an uncanny ability to score some of the finest goals ever seen in the sports world. Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovi? has […]

Censored Voices »

A group of grey-haired gentlemen sit in solemn silence and listen to a recording of themselves 50 years ago in the past. As young men, medical they fought for Israel in the Six-Day War against the Arab Coalition of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Against all odds, Israel won. A week after the battles ended, a […]

Natural Disorder »

Imagine being seated in a theatre with a voting device in your hand. On the stage, online a boy stands posing questions to the audience. The answers are projected on a screen in real time. ’Do you think I’m normal?’ ’Would you want a handicapped child?’ ’Do I have the right to live?’ These are […]

Becoming me »

Three young women from different parts of Finland all have blogs where to share a specific part of their lives. Behind the screen they drift between their own thoughts and feelings and the expectations of the outside world. Elli has quit her blog because it idealised eating disorders. She believes that the blog dragged her […]

Sonita »

18-year old Sonita is an Afghan refugee living in Iran. She is a rebel, pharmacy a woman who won’t submit, who won’t be sold. She wants to be a rap artist and with words as her weapons she fights for a world, where young girls won’t be sold as wives to old men. She is […]