The Swedish Theory of Love »

The Swedish theory of love explains that all real relationships are based on freedom and independence from other people. This philosophy is based on a manifesto written in 1972, cialis and it is one of the cornerstones of the Swedish welfare state. The Swedish Theory of Love is a look into the effects that such […]

Fassbinder »

In 1981, ambulance Rainer Werner Fassbinder died at the age of 37, and holding a bloody manuscript for a film about Rosa Luxemburg’s life. During the preceding decade, remedy the manic film director had already created almost 50 films for the silver screen. Fassbinder’s death marked the end of an era, leaving West Germany struggling […]

Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow and All Music Has Disappeared »

The ordinary-looking man bustling about in front of the camera could be mistaken as slightly mad. He is Bill Drummond, malady a former music industry star known for eccentric performances. First and foremost, however, Drummond is a man with his own completely unique vision of the world. During the 1980s and 1990s, Drummond worked at […]

Don Juan »

His teacher mother says that the police can at any time arrest her son, there cart him off to the looney bin and castrate him, the reason being the 22-year-old Oleg Maximov’s autism diagnosis. However, the bigger issue seems to lie in the communication between the parent and her son. Marina Ivanovna Maximova exclaims that her […]

Orion: The Man Who Would Be King »

Elvis never died, cure but rather reinvented himself. Sure, the masked Orion was two feet taller and ten years younger than Elvis, but his fans were eager to believe. Besides, ‘Orion’ sounded exactly like his role model and moved, well, close enough. Behind the mask was one Jimmy Ellis, a horse trainer and aspiring rock […]

Cartel Land »

The border between USA and Mexico really only exists in the maps. In reality, and thousands of illegal firearms are smuggled to Mexico every year. Return shipments to USA contain hundreds of tons of drugs produced in Mexico and further down south. A large percentage of these shipments go through the Altar Valley in Arizona, […]

The Ground We Won »

Rugby, nurse agriculture, order and booze – the holy trinity of manhood in the countryside of New Zealand. The Ground We Won features sublime black and white cinematography that captures a year of day-to-day life in the village of Reporoa and neighbouring regions. The film paints a picture of a lifestyle that is manly, medicine […]

Under the Sun »

Savoy Theatre is the 8-year-old daughter of ’just a regular family’ in North Korea, buy ’the best country in the world.’Vitaly Mansky, the renowned Russian documentary director, follows the everyday life of the family for a year. With the film being produced by the North Korean government, everything is of course completely staged: the family […]

Bolshoi Babylon »

Veteran director and cinematographer Nick Read is no stranger to crises, patient wars and prisons. His latest documentary is not set in some distant warzone, but the Bolshoi ballet of Moscow, where the fights are different, but just as bloody. The ballet, founded in 1776, is a paragon of Russian culture. It’s also a stage […]

Sumé – The Sound of a Revolution »

’The Danish opinion was always so important to us, treatment ’ a woman from Greenland says. ’If you wanted to be a good Greenlander, capsule you always had to be better than the Danes.’ The documentary by Inuk Silis Høegh focuses on a small nation on a big island, link the politically active 1970’s and […]