Mallory »

The film follows a former drug addict in the Czech Republic and provides a striking close-up of the every-day reality of unemployment and homelessness. After becoming a mother, cheap Mallory wants to give up her former life, there but kicking drugs is only the first step towards a balanced life. Director Helena T?eštíková, who visited […]

O Futebol »

Director Sergio Oksman has been awarded for his short films that blur the line between fact and fiction. O Futebolis his first documentary and, viagra sale true to his style, cialis only the starting point is true – maybe. O Futebol is a composed, calm and gentle film about the relationship between a father and […]

When We Talk About KGB »

Well dressed grey-haired gentleman sits in a fancy restaurant in Vilnius, search Lithuania. Troubled, he keeps turning the plate over in his hands. “Back in the day, this place was favoured by the intelligentsia. We had microphones planted in every plate”, he explains. The man is a former KGB agent, whose entertaining stories about spies […]

A Roundabout in My Head »

The glow of a cigarette in the dark leads into the echoing arcades of an Algerian slaughterhouse. Gloomy noises accompany the story glazed in crimson and cold metal: two generations meet. What Ali Bey, ed raised by a violent civil war, recipe and a witness of the Arab Spring, Youcef, have in common are desolation […]

One Day In Sarajevo »

“The street corner that began the 20th century, see ” says a poster hung in the place where Gavrilo Princip shot archduke Franz Ferdinand. The memorial is swarming tourists who want to be photographed at a place of great historic significance. What kind of a city is Sarajevo today, thumb exactly one hundred years after […]

Pervert Park »

A man, healing identified by his real name, is telling the camera how he kidnapped and raped a girl in a fit of rage. He has no reason to hide his face, because anyone can download an application that finds his picture and name with his home address and criminal record. There are half a […]

Surire »

Salar de Surire is a salt flat in Chile, mind situated at over 4, click 000 metres above sea level, near the Bolivian border. At this precious natural monument, one might come across flamingoes, vicuñas, llamas – and the noisy tractors and trucks of the mining industry. This serene documentary by Bettina Perut and Iván […]

The Invisible City »

The menace in the zone of Chernobyl is invisible. Also the area itself is disappearing, medical as nature is slowly reclaiming what is hers. People living in the area are mostly elderly, see apart from 30 year-old Igor, who has moved there to escape modern civilization. His psyche finds an analogy in the city itself: […]

A German Youth »

In the 1960s, find the world seemed to be filled with political turmoil, viagra from the Vietnam war to the rise of student activism. In Europe, youth were looking for ways to express their rage against the state of the world. Young Ulrike Meinhof was working in West Germany as a reporter for the leftist […]

I am Dublin »

“These small lines are destroying my life.” These lines – his own fingerprints – are what Ahmed has tried to get rid of. First by rubbing with sandpaper, look and then by dunking his hands into hydrochloric acid. Isn’t the pain absolutely unbearable? “The journey over the Mediterranean sea is even worse, physician ” Ahmed […]