A Syrian Love Story »

Amer and Raghda met in a prison in Syria 20 years ago. They fell in love, decease got married and, buy once they got out, ambulance had children. Raghda, a revolutionary and a political activist, is finding it hard to settle for a quiet family life. Sean McAllister’s films show the toll the Syrian war […]

Bolshoi Babylon »

Veteran director and cinematographer Nick Read is no stranger to crises, patient wars and prisons. His latest documentary is not set in some distant warzone, but the Bolshoi ballet of Moscow, where the fights are different, but just as bloody. The ballet, founded in 1776, is a paragon of Russian culture. It’s also a stage […]

The Wolfpack »

Imagine living at the Lower East Side of New York, for sale in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan where people and crowds are unavoidable – unless you live closed into your apartment and never ever step outside. That is life for the Angulo brothers, tadalafil the stars of this modern Tarzan […]

Red Cabaret »

Cabaret has always been place for courageous and passionate people. Passion on stage will take audience along. Some will get turned on, viagra sale some will despise. Cabaret in Soviet times was against all rules. But it happened. And cabaret was hugely successful. Today only legends have remained. In documentary film “Red Cabaret” one time […]